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CD: Johnny Cash - 14 September 1997 - Burlington (VT) - USA (2xCD)

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19.99 USD
19.99 USD
30 Jul 2020
10 Jul 2020
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Czech Republic
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Johnny Cash
United States
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Johnny Cash - 14 September 1997 - Burlington (VT) - USA (2xCD)

Johnny Cash - 14September 1997 - Burlington (VT) - USA (2xCD)

Contains the full show from 14 September 1997 in Burlington, just around 5 weeks before he abruptly stopped touring forever. All in all more than 30 tracks incl. all the performances from family members as well plus a couple of bonus tracks from his second last show from October 1997!

Condition is Like New.

From my personal Johnny Cash collection.

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A nice item for any serious collector!