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CD: MELISSA ETHERIDGE The Music of Melissa Etheridge promo publishing sampler 2CD

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19.99 USD
26 Jan 2020
19 Jan 2020
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United States
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Melissa Etheridge
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MELISSA ETHERIDGE The Music of Melissa Etheridge promo publishing sampler 2CD

MELISSA ETHERIDGE The Music of Melissa Etheridge hails from 2015 and is a U.S. promotional 35-track music publishing sampler 2CD-R set from BMG Chrysalis Music that showcases a great collection of tracks from 1992 through 2014, featuring the classics ‘I’m The Only One’, ‘Come to My Window’, ‘If I Wanted To’ and more. Comes housed with a custom printed picture sleeve with custom printed, and a back tracklisting insert (catalog number BMG2015).


1. Ain’t It Heavy

2. 2001

3. Dance Without Sleeping

4. Must Be Crazy For Me

5. I’m The Only One

6. Come To My Window

7. All American Girl

8. If I Wanted To

9. I Take You With Me

10. Your Little Secret

11. Nowhere To Go

12. I Want To Come Over

13. Change

14. Enough of Me

15. Scarecrow

16. I Want To Be in Love

17. Lucky


1. This Moment

2. Meet Me in The Dark

3. This is Not Goodbye

4. I Run for Life

5. Message For Myself

6. Fearless Love

7. The Wanting of You

8. Falling Up

9. Shout Now

10. Change The World

11. Monster

12. Stranger Road

Christmas Songs

13. Christmas in America

14. Glorious

15. Ring The Bells

16. Light a Light

17. It’s Christmas Time

18. O Night Divine

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