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Vinyl: Hotline Miami 2 Original Soundtrack Vinyl - 3x LP - Brand New, Sealed, Rare!

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199.99 USD
199.99 USD
15 Sep 2019
08 Sep 2019
1 bid
United States
Brand New
Original Soundtrack
Soundtracks & Musicals
Video Game Score/Soundtrack
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Up for auction is a brand new, sealed, super rare limited edition vinyl for Hotline Miami 2. This contains 3xLP and is near impossible to get anymore. This is the original pressed release from iam8bit. Please take a look at all the pictures to see that this is in excellent condition, still sealed, with superb condition of the original wrap. This is housed in a tri-fold jacket.
Includes a custom phone card containing a Steam key for the game and soundtrack DLC consisting of 49 tracks. Tracklist of the vinyl indicated below.

Please no negative, zero, or international bidders. All sales final. Please ask if there are any questions and happy bidding!

A1 –The Green Kingdom Untitled
A2 –Magna (3) Divide
A3 –Cinimod The Rumble
A4 –Carpenter Brut Le Perv
B1 –Light Club Blizzard
B2 –Jasper Byrne Voyager
B3 –Scattle Bloodline
B4 –El Tigr3* She Swallowed Burning Coals
B5 –Mega Drive (3) Slum Lord
C1 –Perturbator Future Club
C2 –Vestron Vulture New Wave Hookers
C3 –Perturbator Technoir
C4 –Benny Smiles Hotline Miami Theme
C5 –El Huervo Rust
D1 –Carpenter Brut Roller Mobster
D2 –iamthekidyouknowwhatimean Run
D3 –Jasper Byrne Decade Dance
D4 –Perturbator Sexualizer
D5 –Life Companions Untitled
E1 –Chromacle Interlude
E2 –Mega Drive (3) Acid Spit
E3 –M|O|O|N* Quixotic
E4 –Magic Sword The Way Home
F1 –Light Club Fahkeet
F2 –Magic Sword In The Face Of Evil
F3 –Scattle Remorse
F4 –Mega Drive (3) Narc
F5 –M|O|O|N* Dust