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Cassette: FLASH GORDAN - Soundtrack - Queen (Original 1980 Cassette Tape)

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9.95 GBP
09 Jan 2019
04 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
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FLASH GORDAN - Soundtrack - Queen (Original 1980 Cassette Tape)

Please buy with confidence as all Vinyl, CDs & Cassettes sold are 100% original, individually checked and photographed by me unlike the generic pictures large corporates use which is not the Item you will actually be getting.

My photographs help you check for overall condition & be satisfied. All items are packed correctly, CDs & Cassettes in plastic outer sleeve & new Jiffy bag, Vinyl in high grade ‘Defendepack’ the ultimate Vinyl locktab mailer.

Your support is really appreciated as it is not easy competing with the Big Corporates that are selling Music.

Any problems I will sort out immediately with you as I'm a real person who likes music just like you.

Thanks & Happy Bidding!