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Vinyl: Beatles Please Please Me LP, Gold On Black Label 1963 PCS3042, STEREO The Holy Grail of Beatles Vinyl 1st Pressing, 1963

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24 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
United Kingdom
Pop & Beat: 1960s
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This copy of Please Please Me, has everything required on a 1963 and guaranteed a first pressing stereo copy, and is one of only about 600 ever pressed before being discontinued and are becoming extremely rare and no collection is really complete without a original copy of this album.

Please see below.

Matrix: YEX 94-1 / YEX 95-1,are in the run-off area

Stampers: 1G / 1R,are in the run-off area

Label: Excellent condition no spindle marks whatsoever see photo

Label: 'ZMT' Tax Code on Side 1

Label: 'Dick James Mus. Co.' credits on 6 tracks (1,2,6 & 7 Side 1 - 4 & 6 Side 2)

Label: Label rim wording has 'The Parlophone Co. Ltd.'is in the 9 o'clock position

Label: Small '33 1/3' indicator is in the 9 o'clock position

Label: No 'SOLD IN U.K. SUBJECT TO RESALE...' text

Sleeve: Original Laminated Flipback 'Ernest J. Day & Co. Ltd. Correct position of 'Photo: Angus McBean' extreme far bottom right corner starts directly below the end of the SONGS


Record is in EX Condition - Visually there are only a few superficial non-sounding hairline surface marks - There are a couple of what appear to be surface markshowever these DO NOT effect the sound at all !! - NEAR MINT playback with virtually no background surface noise !! AMAZING !!

This LP has no warping whatsoeverand runs perfectly flat

The Jacket is in Very good Condition- See photo

Inner sleeve is correct and original,USE "EMITEX". Made in Great Britain is in the bottom left hand corner and patient applied for is in the bottom right hand corner of the sleeve which is in ex condition



Don't compare this copy of Please Please Me with other copies for sale on eBay priced between £30.00-£40.00,these are reissues, this copy is original and was pressed almost 54 years ago

NOTE:If you wish I am happy to arrange an appointment for an auditon at any time of the LP on my DynatronGerrard 35SB player further information and photos are avable on request if required.

Please note I am open to sensible offers

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