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Vinyl: Fiedler’s Favorite Marches Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops, RCA Red SEALED MINT M

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20.00 USD
20.00 USD
13 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015
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United States
Arthur Fiedler
RCA Red Seal
United States
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Fiedler’s Favorite Marches Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops, RCA Red SEALED MINT M

RECORD CONDITION is. AMAZING. I just bought a box of completely sealed old, new stock. Original pressings in spectacular condition.

Vinyl: MINT

Cover: MINT still SEALED in original shrink! Inspect photos for age defects, which have be highlighted in photos.

SAVE ON MULTIPLE RECORD PURCHASES: if you buy two albums from me, the second item will be shipped to you at no additional charge! Any albums beyond that will be a $1 fee for each additional record to ship together. If you win multiple auctions from me, do not pay until I have sent you a combined invoice that reflects the shipping discount.



I list records for one of three reasons in this order of priority:

1) RARITY if a record is desirable to someone because they can't find it otherwise. Sometimes that means that condition is not ideal, but still worthy of collecting

2) QUALITY if a record's condition is excellent, I put it on ebay in the hopes that it finds it's way into a collection that prioritizes it's quality

3) GROUPING finding a lot of the same artist means I will sell them together for someone who wants an 'INSTANT COLLECTION'. This is a great way to collect an artist cheaply.




CONDITION I try to give accurate descriptions of the record and the cover, but with all records there is the possibility of surface scuffs that do not effect play. Basically, if I have a record that is absolutely flawless it will be very obvious in the description. Otherwise, assume that there will be some hiss and pop because even the best record players pick up on the smallest things. But that should not deter you from buying or from record collecting. That is what listening to record is all about! If you have questions about a particular record or want to do a deal on multiples, feel free to email me before you bid.

********I DO NOT SPECIALIZE IN AUDIOPHILE GRADE RECORDS AND I CAN NOT GUARANTEE THE PLAYING CONDITION OF A RECORD. These are antique recordings and the beauty of record collecting is the IMPERFECTION of these artifacts. If you want a sure thing, go to a record store and listen before you buy.


About me: Ben

I come from a family of "collectors" and it is time to send some of these items on their way. I also hunt and pick myself and some of these items I have found or collected. But I am not an expert and often I do not know much about these items beyond comparable ebay listings.

Please inspect the photos carefully because they depict the item's condition better than I can describe it. That said, all items are sold in 'AS IS' condition and like all auctions 'BUYER BEWARE' applies. Obviously, I wish I didn't have to say this, but it must be explicit in the listing.

I very much appreciate your interest and do feel free to ask any and all questions before you bid or make a purchase.