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Poster: Original Woodstock Poster 1969 Music Festival Arnold Skolnick VGcd AUTHENTIC

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20 Feb 2021
11 Jan 2021
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United States
Arnold Skolnick
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Original 1969 Woodstock Poster Directly from the collection of the Artist Arnold Skolnick, now 82 years old and who created the iconic design. We are selling the last Original 36" x 24" Posters in his possession. There are now only 6 left and they vary from Very Good Vintage condition with just some slight wear issues to Fair with more issues. We have listed them individually and numbered them in our system to keep track of each one starting with #1, so that you will get the exact one you have bid on. This is number 12.
Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity from Arnold and he will hand sign it under his print signature (this adds 20-30% onto the value). I take a photo of him signing each poster when it sells and send it to you digitally. If you are local to Western Massachusetts you can even make an appointment for him to sign it in person with you and get a photo with him! I would be happy to ship outside of the Us for you but please message with your address so That I can quote a shipping cost before you purchase a poster.

This poster #12 is in Good Original Vintage condition. There is what is called ghosting in the print business on the guitar handle where the print process double shadowed the feet of the bird. There are small tears on lower right side edge and all along the upper left side that would be covered by a matt when framed and there is slight fade to the red ink on the
EFT side. These posters have been kept in a Flat file unit for 50 years but moved with Arnold multiple times. Please ask any questions. All issues are shown in photos.

All issues are shown in the photos so please look at all of them and ask any questions before bidding.

A certificate of authenticity from Arnold is included! Please ask for more photos if you need them as we can only upload 10 here. All of the posters we are listing have these marks that authenticate them:
1. On the inside edge of the right hand stem of the “M” in “MUSIC,” where the stem makes a 45-degree angle back to the left, there is a tiny dot just inside the white ink;

2. There is a white speck to the left of the finger closest to the left edge. This speck is one inch up from the bottom of the blue band, and is approximately ″ from the left edge of the poster; and

3. There is a tiny white dot in the top stem of the “3.” It is roughly in the middle of the orange ink, and is ⅜ from the left edge of the “3.” This can be very difficult to see and may require magnification.

Arnold created this iconic design in 3 days and says that the only thing he did wrong was that the beak of the bird was supposed to be black but he forgot to mark that when it went to the printer. All of the bird and guitar design, including the 3 Days of Peace and Music, was done with a razor blade and colored paper while sitting at his kitchen table. It was completely Arnolds design although Michael Lang always takes credit for the concept he had nothing to do with its creation!

Here is an article written about him in August 2019 for the 50th Anniversary by our local paper the Hampshire Daily Gazette...

Posters are shipping from Easthampton MA rolled in a tube for protection and insured.