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78 rpm: 78RPM Savoy 934 Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Roach Milestones / Sippin' Bells E-

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89.00 USD
89.00 USD
25 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2020
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United States
Miles Davis
78 rpm
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78 RPM Savoy 934 Miles Davis All stars with Parker and Roach - Milestones / Sippin' at Bells. This record is solid overall E- condition with nice shiny gloss on both sides. A side has a few minor scratches/blemishes visible, B side fewer scratches with a few hazy spots. See the 9 photos above to judge the surfaces and labels for yourself Graded visually. Labels and spindle holes have very light wear, side A label has some minor faint tiny blemishes seen if you flash the label back and forth under light. Will be in a generic vintage sleeve. Please email with any questions. Buy it now for $89.00. FREE shipping via US Media Mail to US addresses. Shipments outside the US will be much more, please inquire for quote. Tariffs/taxes/fees sometimes incurred on international shipments are responsibility of the buyer. Paypal accepted. Ohio residents add sales tax for their county. Please email with any questions. Thank you for looking

ATTN: 78 record collectors-We will be listing (Buy It Now) never before listed 78 RPM records consistently (average 10 a day) on Ebay for the foreseeable future (years)--we have a vast inventory to list, we will list them in no predictable order, so keep watching, sorry we will NOT fill any want lists. PS We grade our records rather conservatively, and ship them snuggly in 2- 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" cardboard inserts, surrounded by newspaper, inside a 12" x 12" x 6" box, order with confidence. Thanks for reading..