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Vinyl: Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 1st Press SSK89400 UK 1975

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23 May 2020
23 May 2020
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United Kingdom
Led Zeppelin
Swan Song Records
United Kingdom
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Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 1st Press SSK89400 UK 1975

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Artist: Led Zepeplin

Title: Physical Graffiti 1st Press

Cat No.: SSK89400 A1 B5 C1 D1 Matrix endings

Label: Swan Song

Year/Country: 1975 UK

Vinyl Condition: VG Some very fine sleeve removal hairlines and needle lines to be seen under direct light. No feelable scratches

Sleeve Condition: VG+. No splits or rips. Edge wear from storage

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Most of the records I sell have been stored for many years, even decades. Some will have dust that can be seen by the eye, some may look clean but have deep seeded dust from being 40 or 50 years old. This may initially affect the playback quality. I work full time and have a young family so I don’t have time to play every record I list, so if you receive a record and it doesn’t sound as you think it should, please have it properly cleaned (with a good, well known record cleaner) and replay. Unless I have stated that I have, then I will not have play tested the record myself. If you want me to playtest the record and feedback to you before buying, I can do this. Please don’t click buy it now and then ask.

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Very Good (VG)

A VG-rated vinyl has experienced a lot of use. It’s still useable, but it’ll carry a few distortions. Ranked above a G-rated record, a VG-rated record often carries pops and clicks. It might have light visible scratches, and it may have split edges. For the most part, a VG-rated record is undamaged. Upon closer inspection, however, its use will be apparent—both visually and audibly.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

The next step up, a VG+ record has little faults. A VG+ record may have several inaudible marks and a little rub. Fine needle lines are acceptable, however none of these should be felt by touch. Its audio will likely have slight background crackle. As with a VG record, however, close inspection may reveal its age.

Excellent (E)

An Excellent record is similar to a VG+ record. Its light marks will be difficult to spot, however, as will be its audio distortions. A lot of Ex-rated records have been in and out of their sleeve only a few times. A handful or less of hairlines may be present. Their minute signs of use, generally, reflect high-quality care.

Near Mint (NM)

A Near Mint record is a fantastic investment. It looks glossy, and it’s clearly only been played several times. NM vinyl has little to no markings, and its package is either untouched or nearly untouched. Don’t expect to find any distortions on a NM record. In essence: A NM record is imperfect only in its one-or-two-time use.

Mint (M)

A Mint record is perfect. It’s never been played, and it might’ve never been removed from its package. It’s fully sealed, and it has no blemishes or audio distortions.