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Vinyl: LED ZEPPELIN II K 40037 Atlantic Record zepplin 2/two UK Press Vinyl LP 1979 VG+

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42.99 USD
42.99 USD
23 May 2020
15 May 2020
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United States
Led Zeppelin
United Kingdom
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LED ZEPPELIN II K 40037 Atlantic Record zepplin 2/two UK Press Vinyl LP 1979 VG+
TitleLed Zeppelin II
Company, Catalog #Atlantic Records K-40037
Special AttributesSpecialty Records pressing
Side A: S-10·K·40037·A-1
Side B: S-10 ·K·40037-B-3
Release Year1979
Vinyl with scratches, scuffs.
Jacket with surface/edge/corner wear, edge/corner creases. Original inner sleeve included.

Every record is ultrasonically cleaned by me to provide you with optimal sound quality. All pictures are of the actual item being sold.

Each unsealed LP has been ultrasonically CLEANED in a solution of Tergikleen (a tergitol-based fluid) and distilled water, double rinsed with distilled water, and vacuum dried. Each LP ships in a new inner sleeve.

I am an experienced record collector and music lover. My goal as a seller is always to treat my customers with the same integrity I've experienced from others as a buyer. I strive to make every transaction a great one. If you have any issues I am very reasonable and responsive and will do what I can to create a positive experience for you. Please contact me directly before leaving feedback so that I can address any issues with your purchase.

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I grade records conservatively according to the industry standard Goldmine Grading Scale, using a bright light. I play records on a Rega P3 and will provide audio clips by request.


Sealed. Looks as if it just came off the manufacturing line.


No visual evidence of prior use. Played a few times, if ever. No wear whatsoever. This means no spindle marks, fingerprints, etc. Very light sleeve scuffs, minor production flaws, and other cosmetic irregularities will be noted when playback is affected.

Cover looks as if it just came from a store and was opened for the first time. Often in shrink. Sharp corners, strong legible spine. No surface wear or splits.


Vinyl is just shy of brand new looking. LP may have a faint surface mark or two barring it from being truly Near Mint, but sound quality should not be affected at all.

Cover sleeve is just short of Near Mint, with no significant ring-wear or staining or easily visible flaws whatsoever, seams and spine fully intact. Corners or edges may be slightly worn.


Shows slight signs of wear, light scuffs or scratches may be present but they do not affect playback other than faint surface noise heard sporadically in between tracks, or the occasional soft click from a surface mark here or there,

Cover is considered still 'frame-able' yet when observed closely will show to have a flaw or small flaws, minor ring-wear if any, seams and spine intact but not pristine. Edges show wear. No splits.


More obvious signs of wear and handling, LP has surface noise that is noticeable in some spots but perhaps is quiet and clean in other spots, clicks and pops will be heard, but will not significantly disrupt the music,

Cover shows more obvious ring-wear, marks, or staining. Seams may have cracking, splitting, or some missing spine text but are still fairly well intact. Writing may be present on label.

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