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Vinyl: The Beatles ‘From Then To You’ original 1970 UK Christmas Lp w/ near mint record

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299.00 USD
299.00 USD
20 Nov 2019
19 Nov 2019
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United States
The Beatles
Apple Records
United Kingdom
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WOW here for sale is this original authentic ‘From Then To You’ The Beatles Christmas Album 1970 issued in The United Kingdom to The Beatles Fan Club only in late 1970. The record looks only played a few times and is in near mint condition. The record sounds great on my Thornes turntable. The matrix # on side 1 is LYN 2154 & LYN 2153 on side 2. The laminated flip back cover is in excellent condition with a laminate creases on the corners & slight storage wear to the back. There are no seam splits. Also included is the original black inner sleeve in very good condition. Thanks Frank