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Vinyl: Wagner Der Ring Des Nibelungen Von Karajan Berlin Phil 19 LP Box Set DG 2720 051

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18 Jun 2019
09 May 2019
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United Kingdom
Richard Wagner
Deutsche Grammophon
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An excellent 1970 box set release by Deutsche Grammophon (DG 2720 051) of Wagner's 'Der Ring Des Nibelungen'.
Conducted by Herbert von Karajan with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Das Rheingold recorded in studio in December 1967.

Die Walküre recorded in studio in 1966 (selection recorded: August-September and December).

Siegfrield recorded in studio in 1968-69 (Selection recorded December 1968 and February 1969).

Götterdämmerung recorded in studio in 1969-70 (selection recorded October and December 1969 and January 1970).

Recording Location: Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin

Contains 19 LP's in a 4 Box Set with a 194-page book containing information, notes and the full libretto in German, English and French.

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