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Reel-to-reel: Johnny Cash - Man in Black - reel-to-reel - RARE

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129.00 USD
129.00 USD
25 Mar 2020
29 Sep 2017
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United States
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Please find for your consideration a pre-recorded reel to reel of the Johnny Cash hit, Man In Black. This is a 4 track, 3 3/4" IPS stereo recording. The tape itself appears to be in an excellent condition, either played very lightly or not at all...probably not at all. The Item Number is (Columbia) CR 30550. See the picture of the back of the box for contents.

The box is very lightly scuffed. There is 0 corner tears. I'd rate it MINT. Please examine the pictures carefully. They constitute a good part of the description.

This item is being sold as-is. However, if it is not as depicted in the pictures, I would consider a refund.