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Vinyl: METALLICA vinyl lp KILL EM ALL 1983 Megaforce Silver Labels MRI 069 ShipsUSAonly

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192.50 USD
99.95 USD
14 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021
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United States
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Ships to United States only !!

You all know what this is...

Metallica vinyl lp Kill Em All

1983 Megaforce MRI 069


I'm the one and only owner of this gem. I bought this album brand new when it first came out and I took care of it. Placed in a plastic sleeve since the day I brought it home. Lightly handled over the years and well taken care of.

Cover. Some ring wear and a few light edge wrinkles. Light ding top left corner. Very light 2 inch surface wrinkle.

Inner Sleeve. Clean original clear Poly Sleeve.

Album. Beautiful vinyl looks only played a few times.

Ships to USA only.

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