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Vinyl: 45 record lot 18 thousand total records

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2,995.00 USD
2,995.00 USD
17 Jul 2020
24 Jun 2020
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United States
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Okay guys here is a listing for around 18 to 20,000 45s I bought these yesterday and it opened about five boxes maybe look through a hundred records the guy I bought them from inherited them from his dad in 2013 and he has decided to sell them all he told me is that his dad was a big collector of jukeboxes and records and they all appear to be in great shape with maybe around 75 to 80% of them having sleeves what I saw through the hundred records I dug through where some Johnny Cash some Frank Sinatra Mariah Carey Alan Jackson Conway Twitty Chicago to name a few... I want to set these at a great price for local pickup only if you do want them shipped you will have to do that on your own and pay for freight or whatever is needed hope someone gets a jackpot out of this but I sure don't have time for it there are 60 boxes clear full like I said I may have open 5 to dig through before I bought them other than that they have not been looked at since 2013 before his dad died thanks for looking and good luck... I do have best offer on but I'm just letting you know there's not much room on the price.... If the local pickup is selected I will take $600 off the price