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78 rpm: EDITH PIAF-La RUE PIGALLE in French 3x78 RPM POLYDOR/VOX VSP-305 1947 Cond=5/10

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35.99 USD
35.99 USD
01 Aug 2020
13 Jun 2020
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United States
Edith Piaf
78 rpm
World Music
France & Belgium
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EDITH PIAF-La RUE PIGALLE in French 3x78 RPM POLYDOR/VOX VSP-305 1947 Cond=5/10

EDITH PIAF--La RUE PIGALLE (in French). 3 x 78 RPM Records on the POLYDOR/VOX Presents Label, from 1947. Catalog # VOX/VSP 305. Cover/artwork by Dan Shapiro.

Songs included are:
J'ai Danse Avec L'Amour
Elle Frequentait La Rue Pigalle
Y A Pas D'Printemps
Le Fanion De La Legion
De L'Autre Cote De La Rue

Records have been listened to for quality - I would rate the records on average about 5 out of 10, and the sides range from about 6.5 at the best to about a 3.5 at the worst.

Side 1A - crackles but clear, slightly warped, about 5 or 5.5 of 10

Side 1B - Slightly worse than above, about 4.5/10.

2A - a little better, about a 5/10

2B - Clearer, though still some noise - 6 or 6.5/10

3A - fuzzier, 4 or even 3.5/10

3B - Better, less fuzz, about 5 or 5.5/10.

All songs are definitely audible and most are pretty clear, and you can certainly make out the dynamism of Edith's voice but there is some crackling, and the couple of small spoken word parts are hard to make out. Also the records are slightly warped, but all played rather well, especially given I'm using a crappy analog to digital converter record player to play them (I'm not actually converting them, for whatever that's worth, just playing them.)

The case/cover thing is in pretty good condition all in all. I'd give it about a 6 of 10. You can see the edge and spine wear and the discoloration or staining on the back, but it's solidly intact and still has pretty good color.

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