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74.97 USD
74.97 USD
07 Aug 2019
07 Aug 2019
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78 rpm
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Odeon (Black and Silver Label) (BRA) - 12292 - Castigando (Chôro) (Dante Santoro) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) / Sonho (Valsa) (Dante Santoro) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) - Condition: EX- / EX
Odeon (Violet and Gold Label) (BRA) - 12736 - Deixa P'Ra Lá (Polca-Chôro) (Dante Santoro) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) acomp. pelo seu Regional / Maria Rosa (Valsa) (Dante Santoro) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) acomp. pelo seu Regional - Condition: EX- / EX-
Odeon (Black and Silver Label) (BRA) - 12920 - Vidas Mal Traçadas (Valsa) (Dante Santoro - Scyla Gusmâo) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) com seu Regional / Silencioso (Chôro) (Dante Santoro - Giuseppe Chiaroni) - Dante Santoro (Solo de Flauta) com seu Regional - Condition: VG+ / EX- (Small depressed area - factory flaw - at middle of "Vidas Mal Traçadas" lightly ticking during about 10 spins, but not skipping or repeating)


SHIPPING CHARGES VIA REGISTERED AIR MAIL (approximate arrival time after delivery: 15 working days):
2-3 Records: (1.5 kg): South America: US $ 29 / USA: US $ 37 / Rest of America: US $ 38 / Europe: US $ 40 / Rest of the World: US $ 43

We are experienced shippers of these fragile shellac records. So rest assured you will not get your shellac record/s into a flimsy pizza box. We take special care in shipping, we deal with these fragile items since over 30 years now, so we know how to securely pack them for international postal ventures.

If you require additional shipping freights and/or a different shipping method quotations (such as via FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) let us know how many records you're willing to order and we'll get back to you with the requested information ASAP.

Payments accepted via PayPal in most currencies.
All payments must be received within 10 days of the end of the auction or sale will be cancelled and the item re-listed or withdrawn from sale.
Once payment is received item/s will be sent out within five working days.
We always provide tracking information, once we have it available, we'll e-Mail it to you and will add the data to your eBay purchase page.
Please do not pay before getting our invoice with combined shipping.
If you still pay, you'll get multiple shipping charges (not combined) by the automated eBay program. If you do, we'll return the extra money right away, so don't panic.

All records are visually graded; we strive for accurate and honest grading in all instances, but we also believe that grading is quite subjective with 78's.
If you need further details on any particular item, please write us and we'll get back to you with as much additional details as possible.
Condition is displayed for both sides independently (that's why you'll actually find two condition grades for each record: side "A" and side "B", i/e: VG/GD.
Particular flaws such as needle runs or skips, heat or moisture damage, etc., will be added.

- NEAR MINT (NM) As close as new as a vintage item could be.
- EXCELLENT (EX) Almost no trace of groove wear, with just minor surface rubs or marks (mostly from handling).
- VERY GOOD (VG) A well cared record, which shows visible signs of use, such as surface marks and light groove wear.
- GOOD (GD) A well worn record, showing moderate groove wear, such as light greying (might lightly disrupt quiet playing) or surface marks and rubs that might cause minor problems with playing, such as ticks, but with no bumps or skips.
- FAIR (FR) A rather heavily worn record, which is still playable but usually not enjoyable. If a record in this condition is offered will be mostly due to rarity and collector's desirability. It will probably fill a gap in your collection until you find a better copy (that is, if you ever do!).