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Vinyl: The Rolling Stones LP Super Star SU-1016 Italian Pressing NEW SEALED

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22.47 USD
22.47 USD
22 Nov 2020
12 Jul 2019
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United States
Brand New
The Rolling Stones
Armando Curcio Editore
Blues Rock British Invasion
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The Rolling Stones LP Super Star SU-1016 Italian Pressing NEW SEALED

I do not grade the LP’s, if it has a grade on it, it is an accident, left over from the one I am selling like it. All Vinyl is perfect. These were all stored very well, in a dry environment. The only thing I have found on any of these is a few dust specs. I have not found one scratch. As well, none of the sides are split at all, if I happen to come across a sleeve in bad shape, I will mention it and state what the issues are.

If it is not in Cellophane, or Plastic I will say so, otherwise, it has been stored in plastic bag, or cellophane, or both. you can tell from the pictures for sure. All of the records have a date taped on them, if they are not in plastic or cellophane, then it is taped on the sleeve itself, it looks like it will come off easily enough, but I have yet to try.

I know how to ship LPs, I have invested in a large lot of record boxes, and have watched all the videos on YouTube, it is a lengthy process to ship LPs, but worth the effort for sure. I will be shipping the records out of the sleeve, unless it is a SEALED NEW Record . if you ask for me to open it, and ship it out of the sleeve, I shall oblige.

I will leave the offer button up if they don’t sell at auction. I will not take low ball offers. If you are buying more than one item, I will consider offers, if you are below 75%, I will not accept, and this is for more than one item mind you. It is sad I have to put this in… I will only check the offers once a day, pending on my mood, and how busy I am. During Holiday Season, it may or may not happen… Please don’t expect immediate results.

Please check out my You never know what I will be listing, I never know what I will be listing!

I have been doing weekly Auctions of around 25 / 50 CD’s / DVD’s for $1.97 to clear out older stock, so please keep those in mind as well.

This one shall be in the Garden of Eden, Baby, over by JW / LP / 4