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Vinyl: King Diamond ‎– "Them" ..org, 1988..RR..limited Edition, with Souvenir brochure!

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51.00 USD
25.00 USD
14 Jul 2019
09 Jul 2019
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King Diamond
RR Records
Hard Rock
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Hello, I want to sell my Vinyl/LP collection....

.....I have everything.....I bought a lot by myself, got Vinyls/LP's by auctions and I have a lot collected ☺☺☺

...Some of my records are very rare and unusual.....
......The condition is good/very good.....
.....The Covers are not new..
......Some covers have little wears.....But all in all they are in a good condition

Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.....☺☺☺

..King Diamond..🔪🔪🔪

..LP is in very good+++ condition..limited Edition!!
..Cover is in excellent condition,org Innersleeve,booklet

...good luck for your bidding👍👍👍

☺☺☺Are there any problems please sent me an email so we will find a solution...☺☺☺

....USA buyers please look the shipping coast,thank you.!!!!!!!..

!!!!!!....shipping is>$6,680...(insured)!!!!!!.....with tracking number!!!!!!!
combined .......shipping from 2-3 LP's are>$10,90...(insured)......with tracking number!!!!

I would be glad about many auctions...Thank you! ☺☺☺

Legal Notice:
As a private seller I exclude any guarantee, warranty or return.
All information has been supplied to the best of my knowledge and belief and if any manufacturer's instructions.
Should nevertheless have problems or you disagree, please only me, then log on to Ebay.
Please clarify all outstanding issues before the auction ends, renegotiations or discounts after auctions ended