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Vinyl: SAX 2323 Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Leonid Kogan Paris Conservatoire Silvestri

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2,500.00 GBP
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2,500.00 GBP
09 Feb 2021
16 Apr 2019
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Concerto Orchestral
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EMI Columbia Stereo SAX 2323 Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto / Meditation / Leonid Kogan Paris Conservatoire /cond. Constantin Silvestri

UK Blue / Silver Pressing in Excellent condition; plays with some crackle at the start of each side, small non-sounding light scratch at start of side 1 at 3 o'clock position and some dull thuds caused by a dimple and Jacket in Excellent + condition; supplying shop sticker on rear.

I remove the record and inner sleeve from the outer sleeve to avoid outer sleeve splits .