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11 Jan 2019
12 Dec 2018
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The Rolling Stones
United States
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Once these albums were illegal for being sold! The Record Companies tried to say that they "owned them" but the Supreme Court overruled the law and you can now purchase these rare releases. Get it before they change the laws again!

50+ Years and still going strong!!! The Rolling Stones are the iconic rock band that have stood the test of time!!!

This album is in great condition and is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY RARE!!! Very few copies in existence.

This 30 song "Snippet" Promo Album was released in 1975 to Radio Stations and is "Not for sale or air play". Only 1000 copies released.

p1975 c1979 "Songs Of The Rolling Stones"-PROMO ONLY

One incredibly odd and intriguing Stones compilation. Designed simply for private home use, no sales and no airplay. Thirty (30) tracks were squeezed into a single disc and only Wild Horses runs past 2:30. Very unique song selection as well including four (4) Exile On Main Street titles such as All Down The Line and Sweet Virginia. Album cuts Sing This All Together, Something Happened To Me Yesterday, Yesterday's Papers, Ride On Baby, One More Try and Blue Turns To Grey each run under 1:30. Try to imagine Jumpin' Jack Flash cut by over two minutes, and You Can't Always Get What You Want missing more than five. It does serve as a great 'sampler', which was its intention. Abkco issued the set with these terms and conditions: This record is one of a limited number for the sole and limited prupose for demonstration and may not be used for re-recording, dubbing, synchronization, performing, broadcasting, or any other purpose. This may be only a 3-star LP, yet is certainly a 5-star collector's item.

It contains samples snippets of 30 Stones Songs. A must have for any serious Stones Fan or Music Collector!

Side 1:

Under My Thumb I'm Free Sittin On A Fence Ride On Baby Salt Of The Earth No Expectations Wild Horses Paint It Black Let's Spend The Night Together Midnight Rambler You Can't Always Get What You Want Stupid Girl One More Try The Last Time Sing This All Together

Side 2:

Jumping Jack Flash You Got The Silver All Down The Line Satisfaction Play With Fire Live With Me Yesterdays Papers Something Happened To Me Yesterday Sweet Virginia Blue Turns To Grey Out Of Time Shine A Light Loving Cup Ruby Tuesday Honky Tonk Woman