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Vinyl: Cheek To Cheek. Lady Gaga And Tony Bennet. Ltd Edition Box Set

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200.00 GBP
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200.00 GBP
08 Dec 2018
12 Aug 2018
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United Kingdom
Brand New
Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga teams up with legendary artist Tony Bennet to record Cheek to Cheek. An album of classic easy listening and jazz standards.

This limited edition box contains various items including the original cd.

Also contains

Monogrammed handkerchief in lid

Foil lined box with satin finish

Pre printed autographed sheet music*

Envelope with 4 snapshots

Velum envelope with art prints



12” vinyl gatefold album

Custom monogrammed handkerchief with printed lipstick mark

Item is sealed and unplayed.

*I have never opened this item. Unsure as to wether sheet music is signed or just a print. I suspect printed but suggest buyer does some research.