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Reel-to-reel: (19) Studio Series Metal Reel To Reel Religious Gospel Cassette Tapes by Word

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120.00 USD
120.00 USD
22 May 2018
05 May 2018
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United States
Very Good
Religious & Devotional
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(19) Word Studio Series Cassette Tapes

Performance or accompaniment tracks allow vocalists to sing popular contemporary Christian hits in church with a full backing track. Lyrics and leads are provided in the sleeve.

In His Presence by Sandi Patti
In Heaven's Eyes by Sandi Patti
Almighty God by Sandi Patti
Come Let's Worship Him by Sandi Patti
Forever Friends by Sandi Patti
Saved By Love by Amy Grant
The Prodigal by Amy Grant
Jehovah by Amy Grant
Doubly Good To You by Amy Grant
Undivided by First Call
God Is Greater by First Call
You Can Be Mine by Kim Boyce
You're Always There by Kim Boyce
(2) Only For You by Trace Balin
To Fill Our Empty Hearts by Benny Hester
Turnaround by Terri Gibbs
Arise My Love by Newsong
Called By Love by Kelly Nelon Thompson

All cassette and jewels are in excellent condition.

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