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Vinyl: A Very Special Example Of THE DOORS Waiting For The Sun 60's Rock Record Album !

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12,500.00 USD
12,500.00 USD
13 Jun 2017
03 Mar 2017
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United States
The Doors
United States
Psychedelic Rock
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Secondhand Record Album For Sale

  • Item: The Doors Waiting For The Sun LP w/ cover, record and inner sleeve -- all in bad condition. I just got off the phone with the previous owner whose name is writen on the back. She never met the guys, but her friend's father knew them and hence she received a very nice gift for a young girl in the 60's! I saw a contract online between The Doors and Elektra Records from 1970 -- you might want to look at that too. I promised Sharon I'd send a little money after I sell this, and although she said she doesn't want anything, I'm still going to do that because it's the right thing to do. She said she got rid of a bunch of her records when she was moving from Florida, so obviously this was one of them and I guess she forgot that this special one was in there. How it made it's way up to me in NJ -- I have no clue, but I'm happy it did and happy it survived the swingin' sixties! Attention International Buyers: No international shipping on this item. Thank you for understanding.

  • Overall Conditon: Used / secondhand item sold AS-IS. I haven’t play tested the record, so I’m selling it and its accessories such as the cover as being in “For parts or not working” condition. I feel that this is the proper eBay condition category for this item as many records don’t function as intended (per defective playback due to scratches or manufacturing defect to vinyl) and their covers often have damage such as seam splits and bad odors which may require repair or treatment. If you like the ‘shabby chic’ look of the item, you can buy a record album frame for it from Ikea for 7.99 and display it on your wall.

  • Item Condition In eBay Terms Only: As the seller, what I’m required by eBay to describe (in terms of condition) conflicts with record grading, as the two types of condition descriptors are vastly different. For example, “Good” on eBay means “Very minimal damage”, yet “Good” by Goldmine record grading standards means “significant ring wear, heavy writing…”, etc. I sell all ‘Records’ category items as being in “For parts or not working” condition. I’ve noted the item’s flaws and posted multiple pictures of the actual, exact item.

  • eBay Condition Defined: “For parts or not working = An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational. This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. See the seller's listing for full details.”

  • Note From Seller: You have my promise that I’ve listed this item as being in the lowest possible eBay condition category, “For parts or not working”. I’m selling the item as Used because it’s an imperfect secondhand item and I’m not the original owner. I’ve listed the flaws of the item as best as can be reasonably expected, and pride myself on honest selling practices. Please ask any and all questions before bidding. Thank you!

    Most of the items I offer here on eBay are from estates in the Philadelphia / NYC area, and are fresh to the market. If you have any questions, need more info, or want to set up a Preview appointment, the best time to call me is after work, Monday through Friday, 7-9 PM. Thanks for your interest, ~Chris (609)760-2716