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78 rpm: HOKUM BOYS 78 rpm Paramount-12714 Selling That Stuff/Beedle Um Bum Tampa R. 1928

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165.50 USD
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14 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021
11 bids
United States
Georgia Tom & Tampa Red
78 rpm
Paramount Records
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Up for auction recorded Dec. 1928 at Marsh Laboratories Chicago, IL (The Hokum Boys 78 rpm Paramount Records-12714) Selling That Stuff/Beedle Um Bum featuring Tampa Red Guitar, and Thomas A. "Georgia Tom" Dorsey Piano comes in it's original Paramount Outer Sleeve. RECORD: Side A. E- Has a few light scuffs with two small manufacturing bumps or bubbles which makes the larger one have a light thumping sound for about 4 revolutions really not worth mentioning as both sides play super clean for a 94 year old Paramount would be a task finding a better copy.Side B. E A few signs of handling the play surface is overall still shiny clean as shown. LABELS: Are still clean with very few marks as shown. PARAMOUNT SLEEVE: VG- Has some wrinkles with a few small tears as shown, and is completely split along one side. Overseas bidders please message me for shipping prices. Thanks for looking.