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CD: SPICE GIRLS Say You'll Be There / Wannabe CANADA PROMO CD Jr Vasquez [DPRO 1445]

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999.99 CAD
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999.99 CAD
15 Sep 2020
11 Sep 2020
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Very Good
Spice Girls
Virgin Music Canada
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HARD-TO-FIND CLASSIC SPICE GIRLS Say You'll Be There / Wannabe MEGA RARE CANADIAN PROMO CD w/ remixes by Junior and Gomi

CD is in EXCELLENT condition and has some light marks / scratches that do not affect playback. Comes in a standard jewel case with rear insert only (as released). Please see pictures for more details... DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ONE, YOU'LL BE SORRY...

1. Say You'll Be There (Single Mix) [3:56] 2. Say You'll Be There (Junior's Main Pass) [8:33] 3. Say You'll Be There (Junior's Dub Girls) [8:29] 4. Say You'll Be There (Junior's X-Beats) [8:30] 5. Say You'll Be There (Kurts Dub) [4:25] 6. Wannabe (Junior Vasquez Remix) [6:30] 7. Wannabe (Gomi's Dub) [6:42] So what else should I say? Take a look at my feedback and buy with confidence!