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Poster: Pearl Jam Virgin Megastore Yield Promo Die-Cut Poster Firehouse 1998 *RARE*

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01 Aug 2020
31 Jul 2020
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United States
Pearl Jam
United States
Rock & Pop
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I got this Pearl Jam Yield Promo (and one other that I'm hanging on to) in 1998 when I waited in line at night for the release of Yield at the Virgin Megastore in Sacramento, CA.

Because I was, and still am, a huge fan.. I had this taped to my wall and didn't think ahead that someday it would be worth anything. Well, I recently discovered this is worth decent money and since COVID has caused me a 10% pay cut, I decided it's time to let one of these go.

My apologies to the other seller on here, but I am borrowing your title and description, because it is good. ;o)

"Here's one for the serious collector's!!!!!

A 1998 Firehouse (Sperry and Donovan artists) official Pearl Jam Virgin Megastore Yield Promo Die-Cut print/poster on heavy thick stock paper. This isn't your typical poster/print...the die cut is what makes this print unique. See pictures!

They did another print for the Rolling Stones along this line and it's not even close to being as cool as this one!"

Poster Text:

3 FEB 1998
Virgin Megastore
1998 Ron Donovan / Chuck Sperry
A Firehouse Print
Limited Edition of 2000 Hand Printed in San Francisco

Size: The actual poster size is 18" wide by 20" tall.

Condition: Please see photos. There are roughly 25 pieces of scotch tape around the edges that I am not going to touch. I'm sure someone who knows what they're doing can remove them without damaging the poster. Some light scratches if you hold it in the light just right. If you need more photos, please ask.

Shipping: The poster will be shipped flat.

PRICING: I honestly don't know how to grade or value this, and obviously I want to get as much as possible for it. With that in mind.. I am going to start this high, so please make me an offer if you are interested. Or, better yet, if you like the price.. buy it now!!! :D