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Vinyl: Berliner 5" Gramophone Phonograph Record #52 Home Sweet Home - Very Rare c. 1890

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24 Jul 2020
14 Jul 2020
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This very rare E. Berliner's Gramophon record is number 52 - Home Sweet Home.

Serious phonograph, gramophone and record collectors will know that this scarce Berliner 5" disc is an example of the earliest record made. The original song label on the reverse is in lovely condition, and has the 1887 and 1888 patent dates on it. The earliest 5" Berliner records pre-dated the 7" type that was introduced around 1895, and were made from a material called gutta-percha. The records were made for German toy maker Kammer & Reinhardt from 1889 till 1892.

Almost never seen, this record is estate fresh and available for the first time. The record has some wear to the playing surface, however I would describe it as being in good condition for the age of it. Please check the detailed photographs.

The record is marked: E. Berliner, Gramophon, D.R.P. 45048, 52, Home sweet Home

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A very rare opportunity to purchase a rare 5" Berliner record.

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