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Vinyl: The Beatles - Please Please Me - Black/Gold - Stereo 1R/1G ( Dick James)

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3,500.00 GBP
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3,500.00 GBP
16 Mar 2020
16 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
Pop R&B
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  • This album for sale in UK ONLY - Can be hand delivered or RM Special Delivery insured.

The Beatles - Please Please Me - Black/Gold - Stereo 1R/1G ( Dick James).

PCS 3042
Side One - YEX 94-1 Stampers 1R
Side Two - YEX 95-1 Stampers 1G
E.J Day sleeve, large block STEREO with flipbacks - intact - no writings...VG+ condition.
Front bottom, small crease. Top center front, small crease. Very mild ring wear front/rear.
One mild crease spine front. Minor wrinkle center from spine. Spine is solid and readable.
Hardly any shelf wear to edges and spine. Bottom front loader has 10mm split (see pic).
Rear has some grub area at loader edge center. Over all the sleeve is very solid.

Original 'EMItex' poly lined inner sleeve is intact - no splits - no writings, does have four corners
creasing and is browning with age.

Both labels are bright and clear with hardly any discernable spindle marks or wear. Side one has
ZMT raised tax letters.

Vinyl both sides rate VG+/EXC. Under bright light there are extremely light surface lines.
Vinyl lies flat and audio sounds EXC/EXC+