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LaserDisc: METROPOLIS [Freddie Mercury/Queen] 1985 JAPAN LASERDISC + OBI (Giorgio Moroder)

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11 Jan 2020
12 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
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METROPOLIS [Freddie Mercury/Queen] 1985 JAPAN LASERDISC + OBI (Giorgio Moroder)
Here is the very rare 1985 Japanese laserdisc release of Fritz Lang's 1927 classic "Metropolis".

This is the colour-tinted version by Giorgio Moroder and features a soundtrack with music from various artists including Freddie Mercury, Adam Ant and Billy Squier. The version of 'Love Kills' by Freddie Mercury is completely different to all other releases with a different vocal take and some different lyrics. This version wasn't even included in the massive 'Freddie Solo Collection' box set issued back in 2000.

It comes complete with corner obi + insert sheet and is in very good condition. A superb find for Queen collectors.

Cat No. SF078-0041/Running Time: 83 minutes.

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