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Reel-to-reel: ZZ Top - Fandango - Reel To Reel Tape

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15 Mar 2019
08 Mar 2019
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United States
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ZZ Top
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ZZ Top - Fandango - Reel To Reel Tape

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PLEASE NOTE: I have owned three copies of this over the years. On all three copies, there were glitches, drop outs, and some channel loss in the exact same place on all three.

In other words, the dubbing master was defective and you will hear some flaws on this tape.

Still cool to own on reel, but I don't want you to get it and think I sold you a bad copy., They are all this way.

The box has some wear. See scans.

** This is NOT 7 ½ ips. The original box run of these showed 7 ½. Later a sticker was put over the 7 ½ to show that it's 3 ¾. **

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