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Vinyl: Slick Rick The Great Adventures Of Comic Book CD + Vinyl (RecordStore Day 2017)

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45.00 USD
45.00 USD
06 Dec 2018
14 Nov 2018
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United States
Brand New
Slick Rick
Get On Down
United States
Rap & Hip-Hop
East Coast
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Slick Rick The Great Adventures Of Comic Book CD + Vinyl (RecordStore Day 2017)
Get On Down, known for its unique approach to packaging hip-hop classics, has come up with another winner here, presenting the lyrics to this immortal rap tale in never-before-seen form. Rick’s lines from the song are re-created in visual form in a 16 page book with a puffy cover – presented like a legit children’s book, thick pages and all. From the little boy who was misled to the tense police chase, to the unsure children hearing the story from their “Uncle Ricky,” this is the most unique way the story has ever been presented. Of course there is music to match – for Record Store Day the exclusive package includes a picture sleeve 45 with “Children’s Story” and “The Moment I Feared” (with artwork taken from the original “Children’s Story” 12-inch), and a CD of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, the 1988 Def Jam album that made Rick a worldwide star.