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Cassette: Mr. Bungle Studio Archival Cassette Demo Remix Promo Read Description Carefully

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13 Jun 2018
06 Jun 2018
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United States
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We were at a local estate sale recently where we discovered this box of cassette tapes. Attached to the box was a note that they were from an executive at Warner Brothers who was in charge of artists and recordings. The last photo is of the note and the business card. You DO NOT get the note or the business card if you win this auction. I am not sure what is on each cassette. There are too many to listen to them all. None of the cassettes I am listing were released commercially, although finalized versions were. These were all studio recordings, demos and remixes. Some of them I have more than one copy, if I do you are getting all the copies I have, so when you win the auction you will own all of that particular version I have. Many are dated, so I assume that the recording was made on that date in the studio. All together it is an incredible collection of in studio work.
This auction is for one cassette from Mr. Bungle, as pictured. It is a recording of rough mixes dated 3-7-91. Never offered for sale before and when these are gone there are no more. Offered with NO RESERVE.