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CD: Hard Rock CHRISTMAS 2012 Pink Floyd Kinks BOSTON Ac/DC QUEEN Styx TULL 4 CD

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22.99 USD
22.99 USD
04 Jun 2017
19 May 2017
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United States
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Pink Floyd
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Hard Rock CHRISTMAS 2012 Pink Floyd Kinks BOSTON Ac/DC QUEEN Styx TULL 4 CD
***Please read entire item description BEFORE bidding***

**(Also Available: the 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 Editions of this Show!!)

2012 EDITION!!

Air dates 12-18-12 - 12-19-12

On 4 CD-r's!

That's right, Hear lots of rare HEAVY METAL CHRISTMAS SONGS on this once a year this Nationally broadcast radio show hosted by UNCLEJOE. ALL the songs on the CUE SHEETs are played in their entirety. This show was only made available to Radio station in the USA was NEVER Commercially available. No artwork, other than the CD number (hand written), appears on the CD-R's

NOTE: Also available: the 2009, 2013 and 2014 editions of this Christmas Show. Message me if you are interested.

This is the Official SHOW comes on (4) compact discs (Cd-r's) with RADIO CUE SHEETS INCLUDED !

The Program comes on (4) CD-R’s. Radio Cue sheets Included

Featuring interview segments and greetings from lots of Hard Rock Artists

Note: As of 2009 the distributors of Syndicated radio shows no longer delivered their radio shows VIA Physical CD's, The shows were delivered to radio stations via Secure digital download for broadcast.... The CD's you will receive are a direct transfer from the secure digital download (NOT off the radio). The CD's you will receive are CD-R's. Cue sheets (You see pictured) will NOT have the watermark on it when you receive them. CD's have NO custom artwork.


$3.95 USA addresses
$9.95 Canada Addresses
$16.95 Outside of the USA (Worldwide)

International shipping is pricy because PAYPAL requires sellers to ship with "tracking". Tracking adds about $9.00 to the shipping cost. Shipping is NOT negotiable AFTER you bid on on item. I do offer COMBINED shipping discounts for multiple auctions. PLEASE ASK about Combined Shipping discounts BEFORE you bid! Once you bid, I cannot negotiate shipping discounts.
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***PAYMENT for all Combined items IS DUE within 48 HOURS of First item WON! ***

If you are the winning bidder, I will be more than happy to give you the option either receiving this show VIA a digital download (zip files) OR you can receive the Physical CD-R's and physical Cue sheet via mail (Post) . If you choose the option of secure Digital download, upon payment, I will send you the audio and cue sheets in a "zip file" that will need to be downloaded within 3 calendar days of payment. If you decide to choose receive the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, You will need to send me a message indicating you are choosing that option. I will then send you revised PAYPAL invoice.
NOTE: NO Sales To South America ,Russia and ITALY without PRIOR Consent!!