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Vinyl: Beatles Please Please Me UK Stereo 1st press LP Gold Labels Dick James credits

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5,000.00 GBP
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29 Apr 2017
27 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
United Kingdom
Pop & Beat: 1960s
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My clearout continues!

I'm selling this for a friend who's owned since day of release, quite a bit of wear and tear but as this is probably the rarest of all versions of a Beatles LP, still very very saught after.

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Beatles Please Please Me UK Stereo 1st press LP Gold Labels Dick James credits

cat: PCS 3042

matrix: YEX 94-1N YEX 95-1

mothers/stampers: 1 R 1 G

The vinyl has many light marks on both sides, (especially in the run out dead wax) yet it retains a lot of original gloss and shine and grades as VG visually. There's a small mark which is feelable on baby it's you which causes a few light ticks, but other rhan than that the marks (in numerous) are light and surface, nothing deep or feelable.
It plays with great reproduction but has crackle at the start of each side which fades as the tracks progress and is generally completely drowned out by the louder tracks. However inbetween tarcsk and quieter moments the crackle is more noticable but this may be removed with a deep clean. There are no skips, jumps or sticks anywhere on the LP.
Noth Black & Gold labels are VG+. Clean from any writing, they both have light wear, some spindle wear but remain nice and bright with clear text, the Dick James Music credits clear and bright. Side 1 also has the MZT tax code (see pics) in the inner centre groove. The orig inner is VG+ with creases and light general wear.
The sleeve has several areas of heavier wear and tear (see pics) I've graded it G+ The rear is lightly creasesd and slightly discoloured with light damage to a few areas on the flipbacks, especially on the bottom edge. The bottom right corner on the front has the misaligned Angus McBean text with the P under the s of songs. However on this corner there is a 5cm split in the bottom edge. The spine text is clear but the Me is worn away. There are also corner rubs, and a couple of small tears in the top edge (see pics) along with general aging and creases. However there is no writing anywhere on the sleeve or labels.

Please ask for any more pictures or infomation, happy to help where I can. My friend is open to offers but for such a rare and saught after record he'llbe looking to get close to his BIN.

Good luck bidding!