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CD: Aerosmith ‎– Box Of Fire (RARE, 13 CD Box Set 1994)

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15 Sep 2021
11 Jul 2021
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United Kingdom
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Nu Metal
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'Box Of Fire'

RARE, 13 CD Box Set 1994

Fire! A custom designed, handmade presentation box! Dangerously flamed inside and out. Fully loaded with
The Definitive Aerosmith Collection
All 12 Original Albums, 20-Bit Digital Mastering:
Direct From First-Generation Source Tapes, Using State-Of-The-Art Super Bit Mapping.
Housed In Deluxe Aero-Packaging: Complete With All The Original LP Artwork And Liner Notes.
Special Collector's Edition Foldouts: Packed With International Memorabilia, Vintage Press Clippings & Authentic, Behind-The-Scenes Studio Notes Detailing The Band's Historic Career.
Plus: A Previously Unreleased, 5-Track Bonus Disc Of Aero-Rarities And Hard-To-Find Gems.
Formerly long sought after, now collected here for this comprehensive package.

The outer box has some minor storage marks (see pictures), CD's may have some minor surface marks which do not affect the playback, in very good condition overall!

Track listing:

1-01 Make It3:38
1-02 Somebody3:45
1-03 Dream On4:27
1-04 One Way Street7:00
1-05 Mama Kin4:27
1-06 Write Me A Letter4:10
1-07 Movin' Out5:02
1-08 Walkin' The Dog3:12
Get Your Wings
2-01 Same Old Song And Dance3:53
2-02 Lord Of The Thighs4:14
2-03 Spaced4:22
2-04 Woman Of The World5:48
2-05 S.o.s. (Too Bad)2:51
2-06 Train Kept A Rollin'5:33
2-07 Seasons Of Wither5:39
2-08 Pandora's Box5:44
Toys In The Attic
3-01 Toys In The Attic3:05
3-02 Uncle Salty4:10
3-03 Adam's Apple4:34
3-04 Walk This Way3:40
3-05 Big Ten Inch Record2:16
3-06 Sweet Emotion4:34
3-07 No More No More4:34
3-08 Round And Round5:03
3-09 You See Me Crying5:12
4-01 Back In The Saddle4:39
4-02 Last Child3:27
4-03 Rats In The Cellar4:06
4-04 Combination3:39
4-05 Sick As A Dog4:12
4-06 Nobody's Fault4:25
4-07 Get The Lead Out3:42
4-08 Lick And A Promise3:05
4-09 Home Tonight3:16
Draw The Line
5-01 Draw The Line3:23
5-02 I Wanna Know Why3:09
5-03 Critical Mass4:53
5-04 Get It Up4:02
5-05 Bright Light Fright2:19
5-06 Kings And Queens4:55
5-07 The Hand That Feeds4:23
5-08 Sight For Sore Eyes3:56
5-09 Milk Cow Blues4:14
Aerosmith : Live Bootleg
6-01 Back In The Saddle4:25
6-02 Sweet Emotion4:42
6-03 Lord Of The Thighs7:18
6-04 Toys In The Attic3:45
6-05 Last Child3:14
6-06 Come Together4:51
6-07 Walk This Way3:46
6-08 Sick As A Dog4:42
6-09 Dream On4:31
6-10 Chip Away The Stone4:12
6-11 Sight For Sore Eyes3:18
6-12 Mama Kin3:43
6-13 S.o.s.2:46
6-14 I Ain't Got You3:57
6-15 Mother Popcorn7:00
6-16 Train Kept A Rollin' / Strangers In The Night4:51
Night In The Ruts
7-01 No Surprize4:25
7-02 Chiquita4:24
7-03 Remember (Walking In The Sand)4:05
7-04 Cheese Cake4:15
7-05 Three Mile Smile3:42
7-06 Reefer Head Woman4:02
7-07 Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)2:59
7-08 Think About It3:35
7-09 Mia4:14
Greatest Hits
8-01 Dream On4:28
8-02 Same Old Song And Dance3:01
8-03 Sweet Emotion3:12
8-04 Walk This Way3:31
8-05 Last Child3:27
8-06 Back In The Saddle4:38
8-07 Draw The Line3:21
8-08 Kings And Queens3:47
8-09 Come Together3:45
8-10 Remember (Walking In The Sand)4:05
Rock In A Hard Place
9-01 Jailbait4:38
9-02 Lightning Strikes4:26
9-03 Bitch's Brew4:14
9-04 Bolivian Ragamuffin3:32
9-05 Cry Me A River4:06
9-06 Prelude To Joanie1:21
9-07 Joanie's Butterfly5:35
9-08 Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)4:46
9-09 Jig Is Up3:10
9-10 Push Comes To Shove4:28
Classics Live!
10-01 Train Kept A Rollin'3:20
10-02 Kings And Queens4:46
10-03 Sweet Emotion5:14
10-04 Dream On4:50
10-05 Mama Kin3:41
10-06 Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman4:54
10-07 Lord Of The Thighs7:05
10-08 Major Barbra4:03
Classics Live! II
11-01 Back In The Saddle4:38
11-02 Walk This Way4:22
11-03 Movin' Out5:44
11-04 Draw The Line4:47
11-05 Same Old Song And Dance5:45
11-06 Last Child3:43
11-07 Let The Music Do The Talking5:44
11-08 Toys In The Attic4:04
12-01 Rats In The Cellar4:06
12-02 Lick And A Promise3:05
12-03 Chip Away The Stone4:01
12-04 No Surprize4:26
12-05 Mama Kin4:27
12-06 Adam's Apple4:34
12-07 Nobody's Fault4:18
12-08 Round And Round5:03
12-09 Critical Mass4:52
12-10 Lord Of The Thighs4:14
12-11 Jailbait4:39
12-12 Train Kept A Rollin'5:41
Box Of Fire Bonus Disc
13-01 Sweet Emotion (1991)4:33
13-02 Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu2:54
13-03 Subway3:29
13-04 Circle Jerk3:40
13-05 Dream On (MTV Anniversary)5:44

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