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Vinyl: Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set, Virtually as new, Rare.

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1,160.00 GBP
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1,160.00 GBP
05 Apr 2021
03 Apr 2021
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United Kingdom
Apple Records
United Kingdom
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Rare Beatles Vinyl Mono Box Set, Virtually as new, superb condition.
I have owned this box set from new, and have only played the records once, I kept it only for an investment.

There are two very small creases on the box which I have shown on the photographs.

This Beatles box set is very rare in this condition, and is also very collectible.

Due to the value I would prefer pick up for this item.

The Mono Mixes from The Original Masters.

11 Albums pressed on Heavyweight 180 Gram VINYL Records.

Replicas of the Original UK 12” LP Cardboard Sleeves and Artwork.

The Mono Masters Compilation released on vinyl for the first time.

The collection includes a lavishly 12×12 Illustrated 108 page Hardback Book.

Mastered At – Abbey Road Studios

Each is a Single Album, except for The Beatles = White Album = 2 LP's and MONO Masters = 3 LP's

TOTAL = fourteen = 14 LP's and the 108 page Illustrated Hardbound Book.

The Mono Mixes from The Original Masters.