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CD: Frank sinatra complete reprise recordings

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21 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
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Frank Sinatra
Reprise record's
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Frank sinatra complete reprise recordings. Mint ,

Producers Note: The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings contains every master recorded by Frank Sinatra for Reprise Records between December 19, 1960 and June 6, 1988. A few songs, attempted but never satisfactorily completed, have been omitted. The selections are sequenced chronologically according to the date on which the vocals were recorded. A few exceptions have been made in cases where a slight adjustment in programming enhances the musical flow. For instance, the songs "Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day)," "When Somebody Love You" and "Forget Domani," recorded during the September Of My Years album sessions, have been placed after the selections from that album in this collection's program.

Originally encased in a small, leather-bound trunk and comprising a grand total of 20 discs, Frank Sinatra's The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings is easily the most lavish box set ever assembled. In addition to the 20 compact discs, the set comes with an 96 pages hardcover book containing insightful essays by respected Sinatra scholars like Will Friedwald.

First released in a leather-bound trunk and re-released in 1998 in a more-standard (and cheaper) cardboard format.

Reprise Records, a Time Warner Company .