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Vinyl: Frank Sinatra 4 LPs 1961 - 1963 Reprise Label 1st Pressings NM Vinyl

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14 Sep 2020
14 Sep 2020
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United States
Frank Sinatra
United States
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Frank Sinatra 4 LPs 1961 - 1963 Reprise Label 1st Pressings NM Vinyl
Here on offer are 4 classic Frank Sinatra LPs from 1961 - 1963. They are the original Reprise label 1st pressings.

Frank Sinatra founded Reprise Records in 1960 so he would have more control of his music. The first five records issued by Reprise Records were Frank Sinatra LPs. Three of those first five LPs are offered here for sale. They are Reprise R-1001, R-1002, and R-1004.

These LPs are from my personal collection. I am an audiophile of 50 years and have been collecting vinyl for the last 50 years. I acquired these LPs about 30 years ago when I purchased a large Sinatra collection. I have never played these 4 LPs.

The LPs are:

Ring-A-Ding Ding Reprise R-1001 released in May 1961
Sinatra Swings Reprise R-1002 released in August 1961
Sinatra and Strings Reprise R-1004 released in March 1962
Sinatra's Sinatra Reprise R-1010 released in October 1963

The records show no wear or spindle tracks around the spindle holes. The vinyl shows as-new high gloss. There are no scratches, scuffs, or marks of any kind on the vinyl. The vinyl is flawless. I have graded the vinyl as NM but neither the vinyl nor the labels show any signs of ever having been played.

The sleeves are VG++ to NM. The sleeve for Sinatra's Sinatra is still in the shrink wrap. The seams on all 4 LPs are intact and solid. There are no seam splits, marks, or tears on any of the sleeves.

I have many other Sinatra LPs from the collection these LPs came from and they all play as new..... no ticks, pops, or hiss in the music or the dead wax.

The outer sleeves of these LPs have been stored in polyethylene sleeve protectors since I acquired them. I also removed the LPs from the original inner sleeves and stored the LP in a custom rice paper sleeve.

The listed shipping flat rate shipping costs are only for inside the lower 48 states of the US. I will ship outside the US but shipping costs are quite high so contact me for an estimate of shipping costs to outside the US.