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78 rpm: Glenn Miller - In The Mood / Sunrise Serenade - 78 RPM JAZZ - RCA Victor 20-1753

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20.50 USD
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14 Feb 2020
07 Feb 2020
6 bids
United States
Glenn Miller
78 rpm
RCA Victor
United States
Big Band/Swing
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Glenn Miller - In The Mood / Sunrise Serenade - 78 RPM JAZZ - RCA Victor 20-1753

Description: Super nice EX copy on VJM scale that plays as good as it looks, only a few very minor scuffs. High luster gloss with smooth surfaces and clean labels. RCA Victor sleeve is crisp in texture and has nice bright color with a few wrinkles from storage.

Artist: Glenn Miller

Titles: In The Mood b/w Sunrise Serenade

Label: RCA Victor 20-1753

Condition: EX

Play: EX


Securely packed in heavy cardboard, foam insert and bubble wrap sandwich. Shipped in a large 16x14x4" box with additional padding to ensure safe delivery. All 78's come with generic protective sleeve unless otherwise noted.

Shipped by US Media Mail: $6 US, $18-25 Global (approximately), but can vary by global location.

Our Grading Standard:

Nearly New, but has been played. No visible signs of wear or damage.

Plays like new, with very, very few signs of handling, such as tiny scuffs from being slipped in and out of sleeves.

E: Excellent
Still very shiny, near new looking, with no visible signs of wear, but a few inaudible scuffs and scratches.

Still shiny but without the luster of a new record, few light scratches.

An average condition 78 in which scuffs and general use has dulled the finish somewhat. Wear is moderate but playing is generally free from distortion. Surface noise not overly pronounced.

V: Very Good
Moderate, even wear throughout, but still very playable. Audible surface noise and scratches, but not intrusive.

Quite playable still, but distortion and heavy greying in loud passages. Music remains loud in most passages. Surface noise and scratches well below music level.

Grey throughout, but still serviceable. Music begins to sound muffled. Heavy scratches.

G: Good
Quite seriously worn and scratched, but music level is still higher than surface noise.

G-, F and P:
The VJM system has these designations for records in extremely poor condition. We do not place these on the 10-point scale because records in this condition have little or no value. In cases where the record is extremely rare, it could still have value.