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CD: Woodstock Back to the Garden: Definitive 50th Anniversary BOX SET, w/Lithographs

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2,950.00 USD
2,950.00 USD
11 Sep 2019
09 Sep 2019
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United States
Brand New
Various Artists
United States
Blues Rock Folk/Country Rock Psychedelic Rock Singer-Songwriter
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Woodstock-Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive: this is 1 of 500 previously available for sale on Dead.net, out the total 1,969 CD box sets produced.

See the YouTube Video of the unboxing here :

The difference between the Dead.net and Woodstock.com versions is:

Dead.net orders come with four exclusive Dale Saltzman 18x15 lithographs, based on banners that were onsite at the original festival. THE LITHOGRAPHS ARE PICTURED ABOVE AND WILL SIMULTANEOUSLY SHIP IN A SEPARATE BOX. THE LITHOGRAPHS REMAIN SEALED IN THE ORIGINAL PLASTIC, SO ONLY ONE IS VISIBLE.

Condition: Brand New. The Woodstock box set remains sealed in original plastic. I have only opened the cardboard shipping box to confirm the product's condition. The box set will ship in its original box, unless there is a request to ship it within another (larger box).

Expedited shipping is $25, will be fully insured, and require a signature.

Dead.net's Woodstock Box Set Description (https://store.dead.net/music/boxed-sets/woodstock-back-to-the-garden-the-definitive-50th-anniversary-archive.html):

Woodstock - Back To The Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the defining event of a generation and one of the most iconic moments in popular music history. Despite its enduring cultural significance, no one has ever attempted to document the historic festival as it unfolded in real time. Until now.

Limited to 1,969 individually numbered copies, WOODSTOCK - BACK TO THE GARDEN: THE DEFINITIVE 50th ANNIVERSARY ARCHIVE features 38 discs, 432-tracks - 267 previously unreleased - a near complete reconstruction of Woodstock clocking in at 36 hours, with every artist performance from the festival in chronological order. Housed in a screen-printed plywood box with canvas insert inspired by the Woodstock stage set up, the set also includes a Blu-ray copy of the Woodstock film, a replica of the original program, a guitar strap, two Woodstock posters, a reprint of a diary written by then 17-year-old Kevin Marvelle during the festival, two 8x10 prints from legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz, and essays by Andy Zax, acclaimed music scribe Jesse Jarnow, and trailblazing rock critic Ellen Sander. The archive also contains a copy of Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music (Reel Art Press), a comprehensive new hardbound book about the event written by Michael Lang, one of the festival’s co-creators.

Product Details:

  • 38 CDs, 432 Tracks - 267 Previously Unreleased
  • Blu-ray of the Director’s Cut of the Woodstock film
  • Woodstock Hardbound Book by Michael Lang
  • Ephemera including Replica Original Program, Replica Posters, Henry Diltz Photo Prints, Guitar Strap
  • Housed in a screen-printed plywood box with canvas insert, designed by Grammy®-winning graphic designer Masaki Koike
  • Limited, Numbered Edition Of 1969

Dead.net orders will come with four exclusive Dale Saltzman 18x15 lithographs, based on banners that were onsite at the original festival.