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Vinyl: The Beatles - Unplugged (Rare White Vinyl)

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12 Sep 2019
21 Aug 2019
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
United States
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The Beatles - Unplugged (Rare White Vinyl)
As New condition, limited to 500, ultra rate Beatles - Unplugged Vinyl.

1 Yesterday - (Solo version with no string quartet just Paul and his guitar)
2 We Can Work It Out - (Paul's demo recorded at John's Wadebridge home)
3 A Day In The Life - (Early and very pure mix, no overdubs, no orchestra, George Martin commentary)
4 Your Mother Should Know - (Early Version, Paul On Piano, Ringo On Drums)
5 The One After 909 - (The 1960 Demo 'skiffle' Version)
6 Heather - (The 1960 Demo 'skiffle' Version)
7 Don't Let Me Down - (John Lennon's Rough And Edgy Acoustic Demo)
8 Let It Be Session Medley - (Legendary Session Included McCartney Song 'suicide' Never Released Commercially.)
1 Art Of Dying _ (George's demo for a song intended for release on Abbey Road.)
2 Goodbye - (Paul's demo for a song he gave to Mary Hopkin.)
3 Here, There And Everywhere - (Early monitor mix of the McCartney ballad)
4 You Know My Name (Look Up My Number) - (John's very rare piano demo for a song that would end up on the B side of Let It Be)
5 My Sweet Lord -(George Harrison demo for inclusion on the 'next' album)
6 Cold Turkey - (John Lennon home demo on acoustic guitar)
7 Sour Milk Sea - ( George's acoustic demo for the song he gave away to Jackie Lomax)

With printed inner sleeve

Orange Records, 2201 South
Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando,
FLA. 32805, USA. UR-6
Made in U.S.A.
Limited Edition 500