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8-Track cartridge: Whitney Houston: Whitney 8 Track Tape

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08 Aug 2019
18 May 2019
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Whitney Houston
8-Track cartridge
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Whitney Houston: Whitney 8 Track Tape

Offered by Anticuria

1987 Record Club Only release by Columbia House. Title and playlist shown in the images. We list each tape individually so you can choose the title you'd like in the condition you'd prefer so we may have others of this same title in better condition. Tapes are refurbished prior to shipping, please allow 3 business days for this to be done. You will receive the exact tape pictured here. 8 Track Tape Cartridges were popular from the 60's through the 80's. This tape will only play in an 8 track player, not a cassette player. Please be sure you have the correct player prior to ordering.

Items sold by Anticuria are listed as vintage, antique or collectible display pieces. In general these items have been previously used and may show this as wear. Large detailed images of many angles are provided for you.

Bidding and purchasing decisions on your part should be made based on both the images as well as the description.

We do not offer a return option. Items are sold "As-Is" and no return or refund will be available. If you have a question about an item which is not obvious in the photographs or stated in the description please contact us for clarification prior to purchase.

All 8 track tapes sold at the buy it now listing price will be refurbished before shipment. If you make an offer on an 8 track tape and it is accepted you are purchasing the tape with the understanding that YOU will do the refurbishing and any problems with the tape will be your responsibility to service. We will ship all tapes "as-is" when purchased for lower than the listing price.

Shipping charges are as shown. We will combine shipping on multiple purchases upon request, some items cannot safely be shipped together. Please do not pay for items which you'd like combined shipping until you have received the requested combined shipping invoice. We do not refund and combine shipping after the order has already been paid.