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Cassette: Covert Any Cassette Tape to CD or MP3

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59.95 USD
12 Oct 2017
15 Aug 2017
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If you've got a lot of cassette tapes sitting in your house, why not turn them into digital format? Restore memories and save money by not having to re-purchase your music collection!

With the Cassette2USB™ Converter, it's simple and easy to turn your cassette tapes into digital MP3 format or audio CD.


First, simply connect the Cassette2USB™ Converter to your computer with the included USB cable. The converter is completely your computer, so there are no batteries required.

Next, just load the included recording software (two programs are included, one for PC users and one for Mac users). Load a cassette tape into the converter and press "Play." Finally, press "Record" in the software.

Your cassette tape will begin to be recorded in digital format! You can either save your digitized music in MP3 format or burn it to audio CD.

Included Software for Windows PC's: the Cassette2CD Wizard™ 2.0 software. Exclusively available from ClearClick, this easy software allows you to record, edit, clean, and burn your audio recordings. It can also automatically stop recording after a certain amount of time, as well as automatically split up your recordings into separate audio files. It's compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10.

Included Software for Mac PC's: Audacity and Burn software. The Audacity software allows you to record music from your converter to your Mac. It can also save and split your recordings into separate MP3 or WAV audio files, as well as clean your recordings to remove any noise. The Burn software allows you to burn your recordings to audio CD. Audacity and Burn are compatible with Mac OS X.

Full step-by-step instructions for the Cassette2USB™ Converter and all software are included. The Cassette2USB™ Converter is fully compatible with both Windows PC's and Mac computers.

Watch A Short Video https://vimeo.com/131830749

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