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Vinyl: Oasis 14LP BoxSet RKIDBOX58 Sealed Limited Edition Vinyl No 0494 Morning Glory

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625.00 GBP
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625.00 GBP
31 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom
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Now for something a super collection of nick cave and pj Harvey 7s loads listed only pay postage for the first (uk) or very low rate (ROW) fill yer boots

I'm not the cheapest seller on here but you get a lot included that many others exclude - I aim to give you great service, that includes great packaging - professional mailers, stiffners, records removed from sleeves to avoid seem splits in transit (note if an item is sealed I won't break the seal), taking the time to write 'do not bend' in the language of the final destination... I love vinyl and have been a serious collector for 30 years so I do everything I can to get my fellow collectors stuff to them in exactly the same condition as it appears in the pictures.

If you want something quickly please make me aware of that when you order and I'll always do my best to oblige.