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Vinyl: Connie Francis/ Nixon's The One -Very Rare, used for campaign purposes

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300.00 USD
300.00 USD
11 Jul 2016
08 Jul 2016
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United States
Connie Francis
Faillace Productions
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Connie Francis/ Nixon's The One -Very Rare, used for campaign purposes
This oddity was sponsored by the Nixon-Agnew election campaign committee. It was used for promotional purposes only and not commercially released. "As Nixon revamped his campaign with the “New Nixon,” there was a “New Nixon” song. Although, by 1968, her astounding popularity among a young audience was dated to the time of Nixon’s first presidential candidacy, pop singer Connie Francis still had a currency with them – now as adults. She also recorded standards which appealed to older generations. Volunteering her name on a roster of “Celebrities for Nixon,” and also recording a television commercial for the candidate which aired during the popular comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Connie Francis went a step further to record the song version of Nixon’s The One. Connie Francis thought – and sang – Nixon’s the One. Although its sounded like she might have performed on one of the era’s number of waning variety shows, like the Sunday night Ed Sullivan Show, it was decidedly “square,” a far more wholesome sound than the electric guitar vibe then influencing all musical genres. Which was just fine for Nixon: it was the kind of music that appealed to the “Great Silent Majority” that would compose his primary political base.