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Vinyl: COMPLEX same 1970 original UK psych prog private pressing LP Holy Grail item!

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10,000.00 GBP
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10,000.00 GBP
29 Nov 2015
27 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Bought in 1970 by a friend of one of the band members’ parents as a favour to them, this is a beautiful copy of one of the two greatest homemade UK psych albums of all time (the other one, of course, being the Forever Amber LP). It wasn’t really the kind of music that the buyer liked, and so the album was only played once or maybe twice before being neatly filed away in his vinyl collection for forty-five years. I have placed it on a turntable to make sure that the vinyl is completely flat (it is!), but I haven’t actually played it, so whoever wins this copy will have the immense satisfaction of knowing that they are getting an album that hasn’t been played since a day or two after it was bought in 1970!

Front sleeve has a couple of very light stains that don’t really show due to the deep orange design, back sleeve is autographed by all four band members. As is widely known, the cover was manufactured slightly too small for the record to fit, and there was no spine as such, so the sleeve is (like all copies!) fairly flimsy. However, there is no tape or splits to the edges, as is the case with most surviving copies. I’ve attached photos of all three sleeve edges so that you can judge the condition for yourself…

Disc is beautiful, with no spindle marks and only the slightest signs of having been played.

Please note that, although the disc is in immaculate condition, the entire pressing was manufactured very cheaply and therefore has a noisy, lo-fi sound. Nevertheless, this is surely the best copy that has or will ever surface, particularly at this late date!