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78 rpm: LITTLE JOE The Thriller Doo Wop/Rock’n Roll 78 RPM Record. Don’t Leave Me Alone

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13 Jan 2021
06 Jan 2021
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Little Joe the Thriller
78 rpm
Rock 'n' Roll
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LITTLE JOE The Thriller Doo Wop/Rock’n Roll 78 RPM Record. Don’t Leave Me Alone


Little Joe the Thriller Doo Wop/ Rock’n Roll

78 RPM Record

Don’t Leave Me Alone

b/w What Happened to Your Halo?

Epic 7099 Condition: E/E-

Click on this YOUTUBE link to hear A-side:

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Click on this YOUTUBE link to hear B-side:

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Pressed in Canada

Comes with an original sleeve whenever possible.

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Standard gradings
  • M: mint record, should be unplayed
  • M-: looks M but might have been played once or twice.
  • E+: Plays like new, with very, very few signs of handling, such as tiny scuffs from being slipped in and o ut of jackets.
  • E: Still very shiny, near new looking, with no visible signs of wear, but a few inaudible scuffs and scratches.
  • VG+: An average condition 78 in which scuffs and general use has dulled the finish somewhat. Wear is moderate but playing is generally free from distortion. Surface noise not overly pronounced.
  • VG: Moderate, even wear throughout, but still very playable. Surface noise and scratches audible but not intrusive.
  • VG-: Quite playable still, but distortion and heavy greying in loud passages. Music remains loud in most passages. Surface noise and scratches well below music level.
  • G+: Grey throughout but still serviceable. Music begins to sound muffled. Heavy scratches.
  • G: Quite seriously worn and scratched, but music level is still higher than surface noise.
  • F: Most of music remains audible over surface noise, but listening now uncomfortable.
  • TOL: Tear On Label.
  • WOL: Writing On Label.
  • SOL: Sticker On Label.
  • SOL-R: Sticker On Label-Removed.

All my records are cleaned and spot-checked.

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$14.45 for 1 or 2 records.
Ground: No longer available.

Airmail to Europe or International:

$34.00 US for 1 or 2 records.
Ground: I no longer ship via surface because
of the very long delays.


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