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Vinyl: Elvis Presley Orig. RCA #447-0641 DEVIL IN DISGUISE Gold Std Series 1965

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21.95 USD
21.95 USD
23 Feb 2021
11 Sep 2020
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United States
Elvis Presley
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Elvis Presley Orig. RCA #447-0641 DEVIL IN DISGUISE Gold Std Series 1965
Up for Sale is a Vintage Elvis Presley 45 from 1965. It is DEVIL IN DISGUISE RCA # 447-0641. Gold Standard Series. It is from my personal collection. Had this for many years. I have not played this for years so It is being visually graded only. The record is in VG to VG+ condition. There is a tiny NL written on the RCA dog on the DEVIL IN DISGUISE side only. This is my initials that I felt I had to put on these records when I was 16 years old. Hardly noticeable but I mention it. The jacket is in VG+ condition also. The colors are strong and the front and back are very clean. There is some writing on the right upper corner on 1 side and just a number on the right upper corner on the other side. The Dark area on the Vinyl pictures is the reflection of me holding the camera. In my opinion I am conservatively grading this record. I will be listing many of my Elvis records both 45 and LPs and CDs over the next few weeks as well as many other LPs from the 1950s and early 1960s. In my 70s now and just can't keep most of my large vinyl collection any longer. Please see my other ebay items and CDs. THANKS.