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Vinyl: Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol V6-5008 Stereo LP

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36.00 USD
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31 Jul 2020
24 Jul 2020
21 bids
United States
The Velvet Underground
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Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol V6-5008 Stereo LP

Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol V6-5008 Stereo LP. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Media Mail.

Look how much banana made it through all the years of abuse this album probably suffered. It’s clear battle with water from which it emerged victorious. I always fine these records but never a perfect one. When that day comes, I’ll keep it. This is a stereo copy of a wonderful record. It plays. There’s background noise o’plenty but it’s not an overwhelming experience. The water damage on the inside of the gatefold makes a cool Rorschach test, I see a fanny or a butterfly. Not entirely sure. But once again, none of that matters, look how much of that banana sticker made it. This might be the most stickery one I’ve found. I’m gonna day that’s easily 98% of a banana. Who wants the stem anyway. Alright. Enjoy.